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Stock Status: Sold Out
Stock Status: Sold Out

80th Anniversary of RAF Waddington flown cover signed by Marshal of the RAF Lord Craig of Radley GCB OBE and Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Beavis KCB CBE AFC CIMgt.

Lord Craig was the only RAF officer to fly the Avro Vulcan at every officer rank, from Pilot Officer to Marshal of the Royal Air Force.

The front of the cover features a Crown Agents 10th Anniversary of the Delivery of Avro Vulcan XL426 to Southend canecellation and a Falkland Islands Avro Vulcan postage stamp with Vulcan gutter.

Cover measures 210 x 120mm. Artwork by Tony Theobald features various aircraft types that have been operated from RAF Waddington. Cover comes with an insert card telling the story of RAF Waddington and short biographies of the two signatories.

Flown in Tornado IDS 43+14 (Luftwaffe) of the Tri-national Tornado Training Unit from RAF Cottesmore to Southend Airport by Squadron Leaders Keith Hargreaves and Robbie Stewart. Robbie Stewart was a Gulf War veteran and had been captured and held as a Prisoner of War by Iraqi forces.

Rear of the cover features a Vulcan Restoration Trust Southend Airport hand stamp dated 19 December 1996.

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